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17 October 2015

My Weekend is Booked

Source: Texas Book Festival
Facebook page
A few years ago, The Book Doctors held a Pitchapalooza at the Texas Book Festival. Participants had one minute to pitch their book ideas and then the Book Doctors would give them feedback about their pitch. I don't remember many of them, but one of the most well-received pitches of the day was a woman who'd been in special education for many years and had written a book from the point of view of an 8-year-old boy with autism. I've often wondered if she found a publisher. I should have written all their names down.

The other one I remember clearly was a lovely 13-year-old girl with a great idea for a fantasy/adventure book. She got plenty of good feedback, and then one of the Book Doctors asked, "Have you written your book yet?"

"I did," she said, "but it burned in the fire. I live in Bastrop." The whole room reacted like we'd all been punched. Yes, this was 2011, the year of the Bastrop County fire that burned for over a month and destroyed over 1600 homes.

Why am I thinking about this today? Because it's book festival weekend again (yay!) and there's another fire burning in Bastrop County right now-- fortunately, this one is much smaller and much more contained than the one in 2011. Over forty houses have been lost in the last week. And so I'm wondering about that girl, who is in her late teens by now. I hope she rewrote her book and started her next one. I hope her family has a new house that they love and that is safe from this new wildfire. I hope she's learned to never give up.

And most of all, I hope she's going to the Texas Book Festival today, still learning and loving books. That's what I'm doing this weekend. How about you?

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