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19 September 2013


Picking up where we left off with the names: it's Grandma Walton, known as Esther to... well, hardly anybody on The Waltons, because she's Grandma.

Grandma Walton. Source.
Might mean "star" in Persian, or could be from the goddess Ishtar. Currently the 242nd most popular name in the US; peaked at #27 in 1896, probably because of President Cleveland's daughter. Worldwide, Esther is the 47th most popular name in Denmark, and is much lower everywhere else.

Famous Esthers: Queen Esther of the Old Testament; Esther Cleveland; Esther Williams (swimmer/actress).

Fictional Esthers: Grandma Esther Walton (of course!), Esther Smith, Meet Me In St. Louis

There are many others, but that's all I've heard of. Do you know any Esthers?

Source: Behind the Name