What are we talking about today?

Some days have themes. I don't necessarily post something in each of these topic areas every week.

Sunday: Church-related or spiritual things.
Monday: Running.
Tuesday: Books.
Wednesday: Transportation.
Friday: Green living.


I'll post my craft-related pics here. Unfortunately, my crafting is pretty sporadic (bordering on non-existent) these days.

My first attempt at a reusable,
cloth, made-from-scraps
 sandwich bag.
And the snack-sized version.

A peppermint wreath in progress...

Our hand-decorated socks from Journeyland last May.

And the finished article.

The cotton bole angel herd from the 2009 Christmas tea.

Baby blanket.

Another baby blanket

Angel ornament from a couple of Christmas teas ago.

A jar of (really good) hot chocolate mix. I used to give these as gifts, but stopped when I realised, as I visited the recipients at other times, that they tend to sit unopened on people's counters for years. Now I only make them upon request.

I think the size on these two would be called lap blanket? They're bigger than baby blankets, but not big enough for a bed. Made for a couple of kids at church.

Baby blanket.
Another baby blanket, made with the leftover material from the lap blanket above. Or it may have been the other way around.