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Some days have themes. I don't necessarily post something in each of these topic areas every week.

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Things I make (or, occasionally, show other people how to make). Want me to make you something? I'll need you to pay for materials and (if applicable) shipping. And I usually have a long list of projects in progress, so if you need it in a hurry, you're better off asking someone else. Still want to chat about a project? Cool! Email me at cheekysu AT gmail DOT com, with a subject line that clearly indicates that you aren't spam.

Baby blanket. 2018. The rare gift for a second baby.

A peppermint wreath in progress...

And the finished article.

Hand-decorated slipper socks, which were a Sunday School craft to go with a Tabitha lesson.
These are the ones the kids made.

The cotton bole angel choir from a 2009 Christmas tea.

Angel ornament, from a 2008 (I think?) Christmas tea.

Baby blanket. IIRC, this one was for one of my baby cousins.

Baby blanket, for a first kid of some friends. I loved this yarn but have never found it since.

A jar of (really good) hot chocolate mix. I used to give these as gifts, but stopped when I realised, as I visited the recipients at other times, that they tend to sit unopened on people's kitchen counters for years. Now I only make them upon request. 

These are about lap blanket size. Made for a couple of kids at church in 2007. Little sister was pretty seriously ill and I wanted to make her something, but didn't want to leave out big brother. So I made two. If you've ever heard me speak at any kind of devotional or similar service, there's a good chance you've heard me talk about the story of these blankets. I have some pretty good stories from this adventure, like this one.

Another baby blanket, made with the leftover material from the lap blanket above. Or it may have been the other way around. For some friends' first baby (I have a habit of making things for a first kid and then moving away before any subsequent kids make an appearance. Sorry, every younger sibling I know.)

Baby blanket. This one was for a one and only, so no younger kids to be offended.