What are we talking about today?

Normal topics suspended for the A to Z Challenge. It's all books from April 1-30.

If you're here from the A to Z Challenge hoping I'll comment back if you comment first: Sorry to disappoint, but that probably won't happen. I work full-time and I grad school full-time, so I can't give the time to blog commenting that I would like. I'll visit after the end of the semester, I hope.

Trophy Case

Scared myself this year, but I made it across the finish line on November 30.

First Camp NaNoWriMo! I set myself a VERY low goal for survival purposes.

I do enjoy a good reading challenge.

And it gets more fun every time.

First Goodreads Reading Challenge.

I did it again!

A seriously cute award from the seriously cute Nutschell.

The creative post-A to Z award from Elizabeth.

This gorgeous award is from Deirdra.

A pretty award from Grandpa.

LisaMargo, Misha, and Giggle Laugh Cry think I'm stylish!

A very festive award from Kangaroobee.

A happy award from Kittie.

I won! I won!

This award comes from the equally versatile Megan and Jenny.

From the lovely Faith and Heather.

This one comes from Clarissa.

From Erica and Christy and from Marieke.

This was my first-ever blog award, given to me by Timbra a looooooong time ago.



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