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12 April 2006

I love children...

because I was walking through the park today, and a preschool boy saw me and shouted, "Look! A teenager!" I wanted to hug him. And normally I don't want to hug anyone. Not even cute children.

I love this verse: "May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge." (Ruth 2:12) That image is so reassuring to me- Ruth taking refuge under the wings of God. As do I. What a comforting verse that is.


Lita said...

Those teenagers do seem to be going extinct, don't they? Or maybe that's just me..

Chadwick said...

Are you sure the short person didn't say Tween?

Lita said...

Oh, so we call them "short people" now, eh? They probably did say tweenager; that sounds more politically correct to me... ;)

Tweenagers are cooler, you know.

Su said...

And LOTR speaking, the small child would be correct, as I am still in my tweens. (If I were a hobbit, that is.)

Lita said...

Heh, somebody asks you your age and you start giving them options--"Well, I'm 24 in Earth years, but 161 in dog years...and the hobbits would classify me as a tween, which is technically the same as a human teenager except for the part where I'm not, but..." Keep it up and they might never ask you again. Or talk to you, either. Wait.

Da Katz & Reni said...

That's funny and sweet.... you could do a comedy routine about that.

Robin Williams has this funni he duz. He waz walking down a street in New York and this man outside an apartment complex shouts, "Hey Honey, it's the guy we don't like!!" His wife comes out with the kids and he points out Robin Williams to his children, "Kids, look it's the guy we hate..."

Of course he does the story with such incredibly manic animation that you just have to laugh and realize that if someone "hates you" or dislikes you or despises or rejects you... guess what???

The whole bloomin' world DIDN'T COME TO AN END!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the poor chocolate bunnies. Isn't that Passover movie just downright hilarious fun? And I know from experience that our Creator has a wonderful sense of humor. (foolish things to confound the "wise" and the weak things to confound the "mighty." In Adonai's continual mercy of turning our hearts toward Him.)


Su said...

I think I've heard Robin Williams do that bit before. And as with everything he does, it turned what should have been an awkward moment into hysteria.

Lita said...

Awkward moments are almost always hysterical, in my experience. Which explains why the words "painful" and "funny" go so naturally together. Well, I think so.