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15 November 2006

I need more words...

A boy was killed in Lubbock this week. He was crossing the street and was hit by a car on Monday night, and they couldn't save him. I can't imagine what his parents are going through, in fact I don't want to. And this would have been another sad article in the paper for me, except one of the girls at church came to me before services this evening to talk about it. I really think she only chose me because I happened to be available, but for whatever reason, God put me in her path. What do you say to an 11-year-old who just lost a friend? I gave her a Kleenex, let her talk about it, and prayed for her (and got a bit welled myself while she was talking)-- what else could I do? Anyway, if any of you can spare a moment to pray for the boy's family and friends, I'm sure they could use it.


sparquay said...

you did what you could. to say the cliche answers is actually quite insulting. but for you to be there, listen and even cry with her was probably the best you could do for her.
I'll be sure to pray for the boy and his family.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow; thanks for letting us know. I'm glad you got to be there for her.

Su said...

Her mum thanked me on Wednesday for talking to her-- I was actually quite amazed that she knew. Apparently my little pal still tells her mum things! I'm really glad about that!

Anonymous said...

That is good, if she can talk to her mom, too. Being able to talk about things is more valuable, I think, even then having the other person understand everything or have wisdom to share.

Friday night we had a retreat and one of the things we talked about is one of the biggest things to me in the universe--being able to be real with others, and most of all with God. The fact that he can handle and in fact wants us to tell the truth about ourselves to him--? That to me is incredible and pretty much the best news I've ever heard. I know there are times I--and friends I've talked to, also--feel insecure b/c we're not full of passion or love or all the right emotions. And I'm convinced--I've seen it in myself!--that the answer is in telling God the truth. That's where God really goes to work--usually to teach us the amazing lesson that it was never about us!

I'm preaching. Sorry. ;) I love this subject.

But think of it--God wants to know us as we really are. Man!

Lita said...

Anonymous was me, by the way.