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14 November 2009


I ran a trail race today.

The race's website rated that hills as a 4 out of 5 on a difficulty scale, and they weren't kidding. They also said that you could stay dry when crossing a creek if you were careful. They may have been kidding about that.

This was my first time running on trails, and I am totally hooked. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of trails to run on in Lubbock.

Anyway, between trying not to fall into any ruts or turn my ankles on loose rocks, and stay out of the way of other runners, I am completely worn out. But hey, I got the PR I was looking for.


Sarah said...

The reason they told you to mind the creek was because they didn't want you to ruin your new shoes! ;) I did some trail running this summer. It was hard, and I wasn't as strong as I am now. Hopefully I'll be even stronger when I go next summer. Part of the difficulty for me was the altitude.

As always, Susan, you amaze and inspire me.

Su said...

Didn't bring the new shoes, and good thing, too, otherwise I'd have been annoyed! :)

You amaze me, too!