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03 April 2010

Breaking the silence.

So, in the two weeks since I last posted...

We moved to another apartment, because we are crazy people.

The number of people who we care about who had an urgent, pressing need has been crazy. (I hate to think that God allowed all this to happen to convince me to spend more time praying, but if that's what happened, then I'm here to say it worked.)

The deadline for application to my university of choice came and went (finally!) and I am now completely tied up in knots about my application, which is "currently being reviewed by the admissions committee". I am thankful that my adrenal glands have a limited capacity, because I have already done "slight buzz of nervousness", "hands-are-shaking nervousness" (that was the day I applied; got that one out of the way in a hurry!), and "slight but nagging nervousness", and I am currently into "have finished all other kinds of nervous and now have the empty inside, mind-numbing, must-do-something-else-besides-think-about-this anxiety" that is usually the last stage of nervous for me. Unfortunately, this stage can stick around for weeks, and probably will, unless the admission committee decides that I'm an amazingly-good candidate and sends me a letter first thing Monday morning. If only.

My thoughts on Lent, Easter and winter weather sticking around past its sell-by date coming soon.

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