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30 August 2012


This is a name that I really like, although I currently have no characters by this name. I've always liked it, but really fell in love with the name thanks to the movie Stardust. (I only just found out it's also a book. Should have known! It's on my to-read list now.)

From the Pictish name Drustan, which is from the name Drust, which might be from the Celtic word drest, meaning riot. So I suppose if you name you name your baby Tristan, you have only yourself to blame when he starts racing around the house leaving disaster in his wake. Currently the 87th most popular boy name in the US, down from a peak of 81st in 2008. Across the world, it is most popular in British Columbia, where Tristan is the 35th most popular name for boys. For girls, Tristan made it all the way up to the 590th most popular name in the US in 1996, but is not currently in the top 1000.

Charlie Cox looking all heroic as
Tristan in Stardust. Source.
Famous Tristans: I ran across a few whilst scouring the internet, but none that I'd ever heard of. Am I missing someone?

Fictional Tristans: "The" Tristan from Tristan and Isolde, Tristan Thorn (Stardust).

My Tristans: None, that I know of. For how much I like this name, I don't seem to run across it much!

Do you know any Tristans? Did you like the movie Stardust?

Source: Behind the Name


The Golden Eagle said...

I really liked Stardust; read the book first since I was on a Neil Gaiman streak and thought they did a good job adapting it.

Su Wilcox said...

Someone on FB said the same thing! I may have to give it a bump up in my to-read list.