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22 March 2013

Down the Drain

So, I'll delve back into my Green Friday posts with something slightly personal. No worries; I do still have intact boundaries about the really personal stuff that I'm sure people who know me in real life just don't want to know. (For some reason, it feels okay to share intensely personal stuff with strangers, but not friends. Weird.)

Not an actual picture of my toilet.
Anyway, in the dim and distant past I wrote a post about cleaning my toilet and how I was searching for an earth-friendly way to manage it. I have, in the interim, come to grips with the fact that our Western approach to germs is a bit goofy, considering there is hot running water in my house and perfectly good soap to wash with, so the few seconds of scrubbing my toilet shouldn't mess with my immune system too much. However, we also bought another toilet scrubbing brush, in the hopes that it won't fall apart within a few uses this time around. That's what we call the triumph of hope over experience, ladies and gentlemen.

Deniz suggested using baking soda and/or vinegar to clean the toilet, and since people have been cleaning with those things for a long time, plus the toilet doesn't actually need all the antibacterial whatever-- it's not like I eat out of it, after all, I just want to keep it looking and smelling nice-- I've decided to go with those instead of stronger chemicals. Above all, I want to keep avoiding blue goo in the weird-shaped plastic container of dubious recycling potential.

So, there you have it. Another step toward making my cleanup a bit more clean all around.

What's something weird you talk about on your blog that you probably wouldn't bring up in a gathering of your nearest and dearest?


Karen Peterson said...

That makes so much sense. I often wonder why I'm wasting money on stuff just because it makes things smell extra clean. It's silly. And probably not very healthy.

Su Wilcox said...

LOL. Yep.

Editor and Publisher Shelly Burke said...

Breaking the rule and not commenting about something I talk about on my blog...but rather noting that I've found microfiber washrags to be almost magic in their ability to clean with just hot water. Of course if you have something "germy" you'll probably want more power, but I use them to wash windows, mirrors, cupboard fronts, the refrigerator, counters, etc., etc., etc. with nothing but water and a little elbow grease.

I "discovered" you thru the A to Z Blogging Challenge and will be following your posts! I'm blogging at www.nebraskafamilytimes.blogspot.com and www.achristianmomsguide.blogspot.com.