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30 October 2013

Seen on my Ride - Kinda

I'm all obsessed with NaNoWriMo right now. It starts in about 31 hours. I can't believe I'm even updating, but here I am!

I was going to do this really fun post about my #SeenOnMyRide Twitter updates, but I can only find three. I thought I had way more than that.

I really thought I was posting these every day. Nope...

I searched for #SeenOnMyRun, too, but my last post with that hashtag was a year ago. I wonder what it is that I'm really posting when I think I'm posting these things?


Karen M. Peterson said...

That's a clever idea, even if you don't post them that often.

J E Oneil said...

Maybe you're too busy being careful to remember all that's going on when you're riding your bike :)

NaNo is just over a day away. So I guess I'll see you in December?

Su Wilcox said...

Thanks, ladies. And yep, December. Maybe a *bit* sooner.