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16 January 2014

I Knew The Walton Series Would Come to This: Jim-Bob

Oh, yes, it's the Walton with the goofiest name. Even worse than John-Boy, it's Jim-Bob. Why? Why in the world?? No wonder he was so sullen. Eventually, as he got older, he was called James Robert more and Jim-Bob less, but I'm not sure that was much of an improvement.

Walton trivia: Jim-Bob had a twin brother, Joseph Zebulon, who died shortly after birth. Poor kid-- would they have called him Joe-Zeb? Presumably, this is to match up with the real-life Hamner family, which had eight children instead of the Walton seven, but it's the Ben character who is based on two brothers, not Jim-Bob.

Jim-Bob isn't smiling, but he's not
scowling, either, so that's something.
This is from The Homecoming, the
Christmas movie that started it all.
James Robert
It's not really a two-for-one day, though, because I did a James post quite some time ago. Robert is from the Germanic Hrodebert, meaning "bright fame." (I don't know what dull fame is like, but whatever.) Was the #1 boy name in the US from 1924 to 1939, then hung in the top 5 until 1971. Also got up to #314 for girls in 1929. Currently it's #61 for boys in the US, which is surpassed around the world in Hungary (#48), Ireland (#53), and Scotland (#57).

Famous James Roberts: All these guys.

Fictional James Roberts: Just Jim-Bob Walton, as far as I can tell.

While I do use compound names from time to time, it's safe to say Jim-Bob will never be one of them unless I start writing The Waltons fan fiction.

How about you? James? Robert? Both?

Behind the Name


Kar said...

I suppose you could be famous for being very dull... :) I never did watch the Waltons, but being from the South, I do have relatives and family members who carry on the two-name tradition. :) As for me, I probably won't continue it, unless I can do so in a very low-key way.

Kar said...
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Su Wilcox said...

Well, my main character's name is Sybil-Anne, so it's safe to say I'm not opposed to compound names. But this is one I think I can live without.

J E Oneil said...

I can only think of one James, but I know like a dozen Roberts (and I'm related to more than one). Fun Jeanne trivia: Robert was going to be my name if I was a boy :)

Su Wilcox said...

That IS fun Jeanne trivia!

Chris said...

Hi Su, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

erica and christy said...

I say James. Also, I've never really given this much thought. I do have a Mary Lou in my current manuscript, but she goes by Lou. :) Christy

Su Wilcox said...

Are you at all familiar with the Chalet School books? There's a Mary-Lou in them who is either delightful or horrible, depending on your point of view (I'm in the delightful camp, but sometimes she needs a good dose of reality).