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01 May 2016

In Transit

My U-haul with all my stuff is sitting in Indiana, waiting to be unloaded into a storage unit.

I'm sitting in a hotel in Austin, surrounded by bags full of the stuff I'll need for the next few weeks.

My flight leaves tomorrow, and I'll no longer be an Austinite. I'll be in transit to the next thing.

Job? Not yet. Place to live? Ditto. All I have right now is a grandma who's excited to have me stay with her for a while (she sleeps better when someone is in the house with her, so this falls under "taking care of Grandma" and not just "early midlife crisis").

I've loved this city so much. Six years is just not long enough to properly appreciate all the wonders of Austin. And yet--I can probably learn to love another place, too. Most importantly, it's a step forward in healing for me to live in a place Chadwick never did. To daily go to places that aren't covered in his footsteps. To continue to build my new normal.

Let's do this, y'all.


Sharlan Proper said...

Bon voyage!

Ruthie Beaudry said...

So proud of you, Brave Su.

J E Oneil said...

Good luck with it. I'm sure Texas will miss you :)

JennieLynne said...

I know your niece is loving you being here.

Tana Palafox said...

Hope you can have some great new memories.