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Have Bus, Will Travel: Fun With CapMetro

Chad and I are riding all (well, nearly all) the bus & train routes in Austin for our own enrichment and for your entertainment. See the idea post here and the rules post here, if you want to know what possessed us to do such a thing. Many many thanks to Delores at The Feathered Nest for suggesting the name!

Below are all the routes in Austin; each link is the Google map showing where that route goes. The ones we're skipping have a lame excuse next to them, so you can nod at our wisdom and/or giggle at our silliness. As we ride and report on each route, a link with the title of the post will magically appear next to the route name. Stick around to read about our adventures in public transportation. And if there's somewhere in Austin (preferably somewhere cheap or free) that you'd like to read about or that you think is fab and we should go to it, let us know in the comments! If you think this is the dumbest project ever, please close this window and have a nice day.

1L Via Lamar - Pictures - Experience
1M Via Metric - Pictures - Same Experience
2 Rosewood
3 Burnet/Manchaca - Northern Half - Northern Pictures
4 Montopolis
5 Woodrow/South 5th
6 East 12th
7 Duval/Dove Springs - Adventure
10 South 1st/Red River
17 Cesar Chavez
18 ML King
19 Bull Creek
20 Manor Rd/Riverside
21 Exposition
22 Chicon
30 Barton Creek - Route Report - Pictures
37 Colony Park
100 Airport Flyer - This one is a maybe. The TSA strongly discourages hanging out at the airport.
101 N Lamar/S Congress Ltd - Pictures - A 3-for-1 Deal
103 Manchaca Flyer
110 South Central Flyer
122 Four Points Limited
127 Dove Springs Flyer
135 Dell Limited
142 Metric Flyer
151 Allendale - This is a limited service for senior citizens to get to/from the supermarket. IOW, not for us.
161 Dellwood - Same kind of service as the 151. We aren't taking this one.
171 Oak Hill Flyer
201 Southpark Meadows - Short route, may not be much to see. It's a maybe.
214 Lago Vista Flex
228 Burleson
240 Parkfield
243 Wells Branch
271 Del Valle Flex - This is specific to the neighbourhoods it serves & there is nothing there for us to go to.
300 Govalle
311 Stassney
320 St. Johns
323 Anderson
325 Ohlen
331 Oltorf
333 William Cannon
338 Lamar/45th
350 Airport Boulevard
383 Research
392 Braker
410-412 E-Bus service - Managed it.
460 Downtown-Congress - Does a circle around downtown to serve the train as it arrives. Probably won't take it.
461 Downtown-Guadalupe - Same sort of service as the 460.
462 Downtown-Riverside - Same, again.
464 MLK-Capitol
465 MLK-UT
466 Kramer-Domain
481-486 Night Owl - We don't stay out late enough to take these, and they don't serve our neighbourhood.
490 HEB Shuttle - Very limited (3 stops) & not our supermarket.
499 Day Labor - Also limited.
935 Tech Ridge Express
970 Lantana Express
982 Pavilion Express
983 N US 183 Express
985 Leander/Lakeline Direct
987 Leander & NWest Express - No Google map for this one! Odd!
990 Manor/Elgin Express - This is a maybe, since it leaves town & we'd have to ride the bikes back.
UT Shuttles:
EC - Circles campus. Not much to write about.
FA - Circles campus.
IF - Circles campus.
PRC - Goes from main campus to the research campus. This is a maybe.
RR - Does an out-and-back up one street from campus, which is covered by regular routes.
WC - Circles campus.