What are we talking about today?

Some of my days have themes. Drop by one of these days if your favourite topic is here. The rest of the days could be running, crafts, theatre, random things I thought on the bus, or nothing. Bit of a mixed bag, really.

Tuesday: Books.
Wednesday: Transportation (think walking, bikes, buses--I like to mix it up).
Friday: Green living. Sometimes green-ish. I do what I can.

If it seems sad around here, that's because I'm recently widowed and sometimes sadness pours out of me whether I like it or not. There's always a chance I'll be happier tomorrow.

11 December 2007

Turns out I am famous!

Wow, Ruth copied my blog into her e-mail. I'll be signing autographs all week.

04 December 2007


The Christmas tea was last night, and while it was good practise for full-time ministry (and also a pretty convincing story to put in my admission papers for the insane asylum), I am so glad to have it over. I do plan on giving a recap later, but first I have to threaten people with a mention on my blog.

Chad's new toy

So Chad got a voice-recording thing on the computer, with the idea being that instead of sending an e-mail like a normal person, he would speak his replies and send a sound file instead. I politely suggested that some may appreciate that less, but he is confident that everyone we know will soon be delighted to open an e-mail from him. So, you have been warned.

His most recent accomplishment is to record himself saying "I love you, (insert endearing-but-secret nickname here), I love you!" and then play it over and over. So I said, "No, that's not annoying!!" So then he recorded himself saying, "No, that's not annoying." And he sped it up, presumably so he can audition for a part in "The Chipmunks 2." And he slowed down the "I love you" bit, so now they are all going at once and I can hear my bass husband telling me how much he loves me, while my chipmunk husband (I think he'll have to be Alvin) tells me how not-annoying he is.

Also, at least one of them is being played backwards. I'm listening for subliminal messages.



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