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28 February 2006

Starry Shorts

We have a friend with 2-month-old twins, and she said a couple of weeks ago that they had cried all day after getting their shots. Well, I had a shot today, and I must say, I'm totally with the twins on this. My last shot (about a month ago) I didn't even feel, but I'm afraid I'll be feeling this one for a couple of days. Thank goodness for Aleve. And also that my next shot is six months away. (These are required shots for work, in case anyone was wondering.)

Where does the time go? Tomorrow is March 1, and my brain seriously still thinks we're in January. I need a longer calendar. Or a faster brain. :)

In other news, we are helping with Bible Bowl at South Plains for the fourth hit year in a row. I mention this because our theme last Sunday was superheroes, at which I played Wonder Woman, and Chad played Opera Man, a "wannabe" superhero, for lack of a better word, who tried to sing his way onto the Superheroes council. Unfortunately for Opera Man, the superheroes were not impressed. However, all the children and adults in the audience were, and his performance was met with much clapping and cheering. He really did a remarkable job, and the compliments were free-flowing afterwards. My Wonder Woman costume was loosely based upon the real thing, as I wanted to keep the attire G-rated. I went into quite a frenzy on Saturday night when I was looking for a star shape to trace around, so that I could glue stars onto my shorts (experience has taught me that stars are not something I can draw well). After about 20 minutes of searching through all our belongings, I remembered, Duh, I own a star-shaped cookie cutter. So I retrieved it from its drawer and traced around it to get my fabric stars. The moral of the story is, making a Wonder Woman costume is really entertaining and can be quite a workout if you do it right.

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