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02 March 2006

Conversation Starters

Every week... seriously, this has been the case for the last five months or so... I get to Wednesday and think, "Really? It's Wednesday already? This week is flying by!" Then, by 3:00 on Thursday, I'm thinking, "It's only Thursday? This week is NEVER going to end!"

This has been a week of good conversations for me. Not all of them have been fun ones, but there have been a lot of good ones. And the unfun ones tend to lead to growth for me, so I can't really be sad about that, can I? It all started with some very good conversations with God, which leads naturally to conversations with friends, coworkers, and my husband. I've been praying (among other things) to hear God's voice and to see areas in my life that need growth. So it happens that this has been a week of frustration, in which Chad has had to bear with me more than usual. :) I love him so much.

I was talking with a coworker, in one of these conversations, about reading the Bible. It swung round to me saying that I frequently read the Bible and think, "ouch." For instance, I read in Judges about God doing amazing things for Israel, only for the Israelites to desert God in favor of Baal. Over and over again, he draws them back and they go their own way. Ouch.

This picture is from our first Sunday of Bible Bowl; not the best shot, although Chad and I are both in it. Well, you can see my hair. :) The mummy in the background is an actual person, who came to life and chased Scooby and Co. around the stage at one point in the skit (I was backstage and didn't get to see it, but the screams coming from up front were enough to keep us all rolling with laughter in the back.).

Chad made some brilliant spaghetti for our dinner; I usually make the sauce myself, but this time he bought some stuff in a jar that was just amazing. And I would recommend it to all, but I can't remember the name. Garden fresh something or other, I think-- it had tons of veggies in it. Really good stuff. And afterwards we went for a walk to enjoy the really nice evening. The neighbourhood we live in is great for walking in (which is good, since that's all we do!). The sunset was very orange tonight-- it was brilliant. Oh, and two dogs were following us for a while. I don't know if that means anything.

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