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16 March 2006

How'd that happen?

I've now tried three times to look at my blog, b/c I made some template changes, either last night or this morning, can't remember which, and I want to look at them. But I have now gotten the same message three times:
You are not authorized to view this page
You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.

I am not authorised to view my blog, apparently. Too bad my own credentials don't meet my own exacting standards to view my own blog. Eh?

Anyway, viewing my blog is actually a small matter to me right now, b/c I have something to share of actual value for a change. I was at Camp Adventure off and on this week-- the building is pretty close to my work, so I skipped on over at lunch a couple of times, plus we went to the evening stuff. So on Wednesday at lunch, I walked to the building hoping to hear a couple of letters from Aim students on the field, see some friends, etc. When I walked in, Kris Smith was in the middle of a story about visiting the Aim students in the Ukraine. He asked one of the girls what she was going to do first when she got back to the States, and she told him that she would buy some new shoes. The shoes she was wearing at the time were getting worn out, with holes in them and the sole parting company with the rest of the shoe. As Kris was describing the shoes, I was thinking, "I hear ya." If you didn't read my post about needing new shoes-- I walk just about everywhere and am quickly wearing my own shoes out. SO, a couple of weeks later, Kris gets an e-mail from this girl telling him that she was wrong, and she doesn't need new shoes. She had noticed that one of the Ukrainians (and possibly more than one) had shoes that were much, much more worn than her own, so she decided that she could do with hers as they were.

Well, obviously, I decided that I don't need new shoes. I am getting holes and worn-down treads, but they still work, and thus far the soles are sticking with the uppers on my shoes. So I had a conversation with God as I walked back to the office, and we made a list of all the things that I want, which I frequently refer to as "needs", that I don't actually need. I'm not going to repeat the list here, except to say: 1. New Shoes.

The day may come when I discuss the 5 month+ drought we've got going on here, but it is not this day. Today, we go to bed!

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