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18 March 2006

It's Raining!

I peeked outside this morning after getting up, only to see-- RAIN!!! Now if you don't live around here, let me explain. About a week or so ago, they announced on the news we had gone 150 days with less than a quarter-inch of rain. In fact, on day 97 (I think!) we got three-one-hundreths of an inch, which was the first measurable rain for 97 days. (I'm pretty impressed that such an inconsequential amount of rain is called "measurable".)

Yesterday morning, I was brushing my teeth when I heard a strange noise on our roof. We live on the top floor of our apartments, and pigeons tend to hang out around the air-conditioning units (why, I have no idea), so I thought it was just the birds. I looked outside and told Chad that it must be cold, because people were really bundled up-- and then I realised that it was raining. But I think our ensuing excitement must have scared it away, because it was gone when I went outside five minutes later. I think this morning's shower may be already gone, too.

Anyway, at nine o' clock this morning, tea cup in hand, I went outside to have a closer look at the rain, and thus became one of those people who goes outside dressed in a bathrobe and sweats early in the morning. (Well, early for a Saturday morning.) But, it was totally worth it. And a great opportunity for a prayer of thanksgiving.

And another ETA:

I'm adding the Myers Brothers Band to my list of family/friends blogs (hey, I may not know them well, but I have known them for a while!). I'm assuming, again, that most people who wander on here have at least a vague idea of who they are-- so pop on over to their blog and give them a listen. And if you don't know who they are-- same recommendation.


sparquay said...

I can't imagine going without ran for that long!

Su said...

Unfortunately, I don't have to imagine it.