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24 March 2006

Nothing to Report...

And you would think, that being the case, that I wouldn't bother to blog. Well, you would be wrong.

I was summoned for jury duty this week. Eagle-eyed readers will note that "I was summoned," not "I attended." Well, it wasn't for lack of trying. I set out on what was a cold, very windy Wednesday morning to get the bus. I didn't know it was cold and windy until I was on my way, and thus had to stop to retrive my hat and gloves from my bag. I was still a couple of blocks from the bus stop when I saw it go by-- even with the bus having a red light, I was too far away to run for it. So good sense prevailed and I didn't try. Instead, I went back home, logged on to the county's really exciting web site, and rescheduled. (And I'm sure the county clerk employee who got my email muttered something really nice about waiting until the last possible minute to reschedule.) And then went to work. Funnily enough, in our office of 30ish people, two other people were summoned for the same day. Neither of them missed the bus though, perhaps because they had cars to get there in. Hmmm. Anyway, one of them was my supervisor, who actually was picked to serve on a jury. But it was a quick trial apparantly, as she was back today.

In completely unrelated news, the rain we got over the weekend was enough to fill the playa lakes back to more or less their normal levels. I've been watching the one in Maxey Park (near my work) shrink over the last five months, and it's been enough to fascinate even me who has no interest in-- I don't even know what field "looking at the earth under the water of a playa lake" falls into. Geology, maybe? Anyway, it was cool to watch, even when I was wishing for rain. But on Monday, when I went out for my normal lunch-time walk, the water was back where it belonged, and it was even more bizzare than seeing the water receding. I walked around the lake, finding it unbeliveable that I was walking out there just five days ago. (Well, at that time it was five days ago.) I was also having a rough time keeping my feet because the wind was so wild. If I'd had a cell phone, I would have called someone from the office to come get me, while hanging on to a tree for dear life. But I fought through it and went back to the office. And spent a considerable amount of time brushing out my hair so I wouldn't scare the patients.

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