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26 March 2006

Sunday Morning

Grandpa is still in hospital. Apparently the docs were willing to let him go home this week, but he wasn't willing to go home, so there he still is. Grandma, on the other hand, decided to give us all a fright by going to the emergency room on Friday evening with chest pains. Which, by the way, gave my brother his first experience calling 9-1-1. As happy as I am to have never needed to call them, I'm kind of jealous, too. For some reason, they sent an ambulance, a police car, and a firetruck. I'm still not too clear on the details of why the emergency services do this. Did they think Grandma's chest pains might be related to her being on fire? Or (perhaps the more likely conclusion) did they just remember that the last time they visited this house, someone had to be carried out the window, and thus thought the more people there, the better? Anyway. Grandma was sent home at 2 AM, after having experienced a battery of tests, and having scared my mother half out of her wits. The good news there is, you keep scaring her half out of her wits, she always has some left. As long as no one scares her out of the other half, we're okay.


Billy said...

ok, so i get call 911 first and you get "sommoned" first, that sounds about even, i think

Su said...

That was actually the fourth time in my life that I've been summoned. The first time, I was a student and therefore was exempt, the second time was for a jury in Greenfield, where I no longer live, thus I was exempt, the third time I actually went but wasn't chosen, and this time you already read about. My reschedule e-mail said they will summon me again on my birthday, so needless to state, I'll be rescheduling again.