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17 March 2006

Computers: can't live with 'em, can't use 'em for target practise because they cost too much

Well, I am able to view my blog now (apparently my credentials checked out), but I only get the archives section. Oh, and the last two posts on the list of recent posts. Sigh. I hope no-one out there is looking for me today.

Another week has come and gone, and I am once again up against a weekend. This weekend, however, will be spent typing up notes from Judges and Ruth, for myself and to share with the kids in Bible bowl. So I'm going to start on that as soon as I finish emptying my brain here.

I went to the gym last night, did some weights, had a really good cardio workout, and was just getting off the elliptical machine when someone approached to tell me a Pilates class was starting. I was dripping with sweat, totally flushed (all over), and looking forward to a cool-down ride home, so what do I say? "Okay, I'll try it!" (I didn't used to be a moron. What happened?) Anyway, it was an enjoyable class, but I got home much, much later than I intended. Oh, well, not a problem once in a while. Unfortunately, two of the class instructors now know my name... may have to run and hide when I see them coming...

Edited to add:

I've added a few things on my sidebar, but the one I wanted to point out is the blog link to Rebecca Evans, who is currently teaching school in Uganda. She is from Lubbock, and attended the South Plains congregation as a matter of fact. I put her in the "family and friends" section, even though technically we are only acquaintances, on the basis that she is my sister in Christ! Anyway, I wanted to give a little attention to her direction. (One note: when I tried to check it, it seemed that her blog was working about as well as mine. I hope it will be up again soon.)

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