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14 March 2006

One Day More

What can I say, the Les Miserables soundtrack is in my head more or less all the time, so this brilliant song at the conclusion of Act One is bouncing around in there right now. And I must say, while I liked this song before ever seeing the musical in person, it was much, much more impressive live. And now it's tied for my favourite song in the musical, with "Do You Hear the People Sing?"

Thursday and Friday we had some nasty wind, accompanied (as it usually is around here) by flying dirt. Saturday gave us a bit of a reprive, which lasted (as it turned out) into early Sunday morning. So on Sunday, we rode our newly-repaired bikes to church. Now it's just over 3 miles from our apartment to South Plains. This is a trip we've taken many, many times before, but it's been a few months so we're out of condition, and the light wind that we had on Sunday was against us on the way there. Neither of these things were a problem.

Problem: When we walked out of church at noon, the wind had picked up again (I heard later the gusts were 60+ mph), and had picked up the dust to go with it. So we had a couple of options: Take the bikes home, or find a lift home and get the bikes later. Since there was no hope of the wind settling down within a couple of hours, we decided to ride home and hope for the best. There were plenty of points along the route when I didn't even bother to pedal, because I was being pushed along by the wind-- and at one stoplight, I was almost swept off my feet (quite literally) by an unexpected, and very strong, gust. Anyway, we went the long way around, to avoid being blown into traffic, so we didn't get home any more quickly than we had gotten there that morning (despite my joking that we would be home in 15 minutes). The wind, incidentially, continued throughout most of the night, but it was calm by Monday morning. And has been so ever since, although the cold front that blew in is still around. (Typical... last week we had multiple days of 70+ weather; this week, spring break, it's been in the 50s.)

I've run across a couple of blogs lately belonging to people I do not know, so I won't name them here, except to say that clicking on the "random blog" button or one of the "recently updated" blogs can yield some surprising, and rewarding, results. (But not all the time, so please don't blame me if you end up on the I-hate-everything-including-you blog.)

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sparquay said...

good thing the wind was blowing with you and not against you, huh?