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03 March 2006

Friday morning

I love walking. Especially early in the morning. One of the upsides to being car-free is that I get to take the bus quite a bit-- and today was one of those days. So I got off the bus about a mile from the office and had a nice walk the rest of the way.

On my mind this morning was an e-mail I got last night about how women can safeguard themselves, to some extent, from being abducted. Apparently women with long hair are more likely to be a target (the reason being the the hair is easy to grab on to). Also the prime time for abduction is between 5:30 - 8:30 am. Well, I have 2 out of 2 right there. So I was more jittery, and certainly more aware of my surroundings, than usual this morning.

My morning started off pretty funny; our apartments have access gates, and when I went out, the doorknob came off in my hand. That's never happened before. And on the bus, I overheard a man talking about the bus he normally takes, which had "about 60 kids on it this morning." Well, I could guess what was coming next, so I stayed tuned. The woman he was speaking to thought he was talking about schoolchildren, I think, but it turns out he was talking about the Aim students, and he said some really nice things about them in the course of his conversation. So if there are any Aim students, or assistants, reading this: People are watching. Keep up the good work.

But what really made me feel particularly alive and happy this morning were the daffodils. Now I know we've had a mild winter, so it's no surprise that flowers are blooming, but I have also seen these same flowers brave the ice of Scotland this time of year. Daffodils are gifts sent from God, just as everything else on earth is, but flowers that bloom while there is still snow on the ground (in some places) are an extra-special blessing. It's almost as though God is saying, "Don't worry- spring is coming, look, here are some flowers to tide you over."

Okay, well, that turned out more sappy than I intended, but that's the kind of morning I had. :) I also thought of the new series of Visa commercials (the Life takes... Visa ones) as I was walking, and decided, I feel more like I'm participating in life when I'm out walking at this time of day. And I can't think of a better way to start a Friday.


sparquay said...

So i just finished reading all your posts. Yes, all of them... but there weren't that many of them over a span of two months.... and not two consecutive months. But they were enjoyable to read.
So, you are going a year without a car? Sounds interesting. I can walk to work from our apartment, but I still have a car to get me there when it rains. And it does so a lot in Georgia.
Hopefully, I'll see more posts from you in the future. I may read the DH's posts, too. (Haha, DH...) God bless.

Da Katz & Reni said...

"Don't worry- spring is coming, look, here are some flowers to tide you over."

That's funny... Glad you found some hope for spring. I read that its cold there lately... Here in the middle of the U.S. -- we're having some warmer weather.