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14 June 2006

Heading Home

We've now been in California for (nearly) a week, and it's time to go home. But not before getting our hands on some Carl's Jr. I am still in shock that Lubbockites are unable to appreciate the finer fast foods in life... but they are. Carl's Jr. has now come and gone-- twice-- in Lubbock. So we'll get it while we can.

The weather here has been great-- so nice and cool. Temps in the 60s-70s are a welcome change after 100s. But back we go this afternoon. And while it has crossed our minds a few times this week to move out here, the reality is I like living in an inexpensive place. And that's certainly not here.

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sparquay said...

I like Carls Jr. too, when it first opens and they actually can fix the food as trained, but it seems as if over time, they lose the vision and become less than good. Shame really. That's just been my experience with them. I hardly eat fast food now though... in comparison to 5 years ago.