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29 May 2006

Twenty-one o' clock

I have no particular reason for using the 24-hour clock, except that I enjoy it.

I sit down at the computer to look up one thing. Three hours (and at least one suggestion from my husband that we get a second computer) later, and I am more informed (and consequently more depressed) than I was, but no closer to a solution. The internet is a great tool. Why is it that when I've finished what I'm doing, I find it harder to part with the internet than say, a hammer I would use to drive a nail? Once the picture is on the wall, I have no need to carry around the hammer, just in case there is another nail lurking somewhere I can pound into another wall. Yet the internet compells me to move from one topic to another, despite the fact I have researched my original subject throughly. And this is a malady that affects millions, to judge from the number of blogs on this service alone.

Anyway. Time to get ready for bed.


sparquay said...

hahaha! I can totally relate. The internet can ruin a simple relaxing time and turn it into a wasted hours. Sometimes, I stay up way too late at night just surfing the web. It's too easy to do.
Somebody will have to keep me up to date with all this AIM stuff. I usually find out about it a month after it's happened. Part of me thinks that it would have been cool to be in Lubbock for friend's sake, but another part of me kick that other part in the face and says, "Lubbock? What's in Lubbock? The smells! The Water! The Roads!"
BTW, Landon is from Lubbock.

Su said...

I can deal with the smells and the water. But yeah, the roads are dire. I don't even have an adequate word for them... dire is as close as I can get.