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28 May 2006

The greatest spectacle in... blogging?

Yeah, so I'm listening to the Indy 500 right now. I don't intend to do so all afternoon, but for now I'm chilling and enjoying the commentary. Well, the commentary about what is actually happening. The conjecture and trips down memory lane I could do without. Anyway, my favourites this time around are Dan Wheldon, Danica Patrick and Marco Andretti, so I'm just keeping an ear open for them. As it turns out, these three must be everyone's favourites because they are coming up for discussion a lot. That's something new, for my opinion to go along with everyone else's.

There's a happy little song, called "Lines on the Road," that only a few people know. It's been in my head intermittently all morning because Keely and I were talking about it yesterday, while hanging out in her empty house. They left this morning. (Aaron, pity you weren't here last night! The three of us had to hang out without you. But only for a few minutes, before Keely scurried off to finish packing.)

In related news, the World Cup starts June 9! I'm so looking forward to it. Last time, we were in California for the entire run, so I missed most of it (although it turned out that one of Chad's uncles was following it very closely, and he kept me updated). This time around, we will be in CA for the beginning, but we'll be back in time for me to catch plenty of it. Okay, so that wasn't related at all.


sparquay said...

So is Keely and (Philip?) moving from Lubbock or just changing houses? And You saw Robert? How is he doing? Well, I kind of hate that I haven't seen you guys in years, but I guess that's the way it goes with Life. Maybe we will have to do a reunion of some sorts when we can all afford the time. I was home this weekend and found some old AIM pictures... wow. Mexico, Scotland, Lubbock... made me wish I had actually taken more photos!

Lita said...

Aw, you are going to make me nostalgic. It seems like forever since I've seen anybody either.