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06 May 2006

Coming to the end

We just got back from our last Bible Bowl-- last one of this year, and last one ever for us, at least at South Plains. We'll be moving to Austin before they start again next spring, so we are hanging up our flannelgraph and moving on. We may help with the senior Bible Bowl team until we go, should one be organised, but that will be the full extent of our involvement. We had a really fun day today, with only two girls to look after. One of them was quite teary at a couple of points, which led to me dramatically climbing over a pew to try to comfort her (okay, it wasn't that dramatic, and it didn't really help, anyway), and the other one kept dropping her answer cube. But we made it to the end alive, and we really are done. I suppose someday if we have children who want to do this sort of thing we'll do it again. Anyway, here's a picture from our last competition:

Not our biggest group ever, but these are some great kids.

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