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03 July 2006

Happy 3rd of July!

Every Sunday (just about) we spend an inordinate amount of time deciding whether to sit upstairs or downstairs at church (dumb, I know, but that's what we do). Sometimes we take so long in our decision-making that the choice is taken out of our hands by the arrival of the rest of the congregation, leaving us to sit wherever we can find space. I suppose we can say for ourselves that at least we aren't glued to one pew, like so many people are.

So, yesterday we decided to try something new. There is a very small Spanish congregation that meets in the building at the same time as the late service. We've meant for ages to go to it sometime, and yesterday was the day. Needless to say, we enjoyed it very much. For one thing, a smaller group really is preferable (at least in my opinion) to the huge congregation we normally worship with. And since it's been years since either of us worshipped in Spanish, that side of it was nice, too. Afterward when we talked over the sermon, I was surprised at how much Chad understood. So we will definately be going again, at least a couple of times a month. If nothing else, my Spanish is really rusty and this gives me a chance to practise. As well as fellowship with a different group of hermanos.

The World Cup is almost over, much to my dismay, but Wimbledon has started, so that eases the pain a bit. And the Tour de France started up over the weekend as well. Sometimes I wonder why I don't watch the same sports as everyone else, and then I remember: because being like everyone else is so dull. Besides which, I really am being like most of the world in my love of football (soccer, if you need a translation). So I am happy with my little world of sport.

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