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28 July 2006

Sports, shoes-- but not sports shoes

So I've managed to steer clear of the TV this week-- wasn't too hard, actually. Most of what I've watched the past two months have been sporting events (World Cup, Tour de France), so in the absence of those, I watch-- nothing. It's kind of nice, really. My sister will be unhappy to hear that I also missed Stargate, but I was taking a nap. Yeah, in the evening. Stranger things have happened.

Normally, I would be looking forward to a new season of (insert current favourite show here). However, The West Wing is off the air, and I haven't watched new episodes of much else in years. We watch Scrubs when we remember that it is on, so maybe that will be our new thing. And I've often thought about picking up ER again, it's kind of like a soap opera really, you can start again one day and have not missed much.

Yeah, this is not going to be a TV-watching post. At least, not entirely. We arrive in Scotland six weeks from tomorrow! (We arrive in London six weeks from today, but since we're spending only one day there doing touristy things, it's hard to count that.) I'm so looking forward to it. Next week I'm going to break down and buy new tennis shoes, since we'll be doing a lot of walking and my current shoes aren't up to that any longer. With a four-week gap between buying and all that walking, I'm sure I'll have time to break them in. I hope so, anyway, since we are planning to go on a hill walk and that is NOT pleasant in brand-new shoes. I might try to get my hands on some reasonably-priced Doc Martens, even, since they are much better for walking around in than any tennis shoes (at least, my last pair were).

TV and shoes. What an exciting life I lead. :) Oh, and I started studying Acts for the next Bible Bowl-- presumably, South Plains will once again field a Senior Bible Bowl team, and since I was part of the original team, I'll be back. This time around I'd like to finish higher than sixth place.

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