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17 August 2006

Cycling in the rain

Wow, five posts in four days. I've gone crazy!

This week (can't remember if I've written about this or not) I've been cycling to and from work. So far, so good. Of course, this week we've also gotten more rain that we've had all summer. But I'll take it. In fact, on Monday night I really thought it was going to pour down, so I prayed, "If I have to get wet, so be it. Please let it rain." Well, the Lord kept the rain away until after I got home, anyway, which I appreciated, although I was 100% sincere in my prayer. I got sprinkled on Tuesday evening, and today, the rain started after I had already arrived at work. I was happy about that, because it's bad enough to arrive at the office in a T-shirt and shorts, without adding being completely drenched to the mix. I was all set to ride home this evening, but one of the girls in the office talked me into leaving my bike behind, offering to take me home tonight and bring me back tomorrow morning. So I accepted, which turned out to be good, since it did start raining while we were coming home.

So, I need to buy: 1. A poncho. 2. Reflective tape of some sort. 3. No, that's it. I'd like to have a basket, but that isn't paramount to my safety, so I can't call it a need.

Three weeks until we leave!


Chadwick said...

Yeah, always thankful for the friends who care. You write well, honey. We should get two computers and chat (like we did that one summer). Of course, we still talk, but it is easier to get your thoughts in when all you do is type. Something to think about. I love you. I hope you have a good ride to work this (11:59) ... um, tomorrow morning. ;)

Chadwick said...

oops, it is this morning now. Well, hah. Enjoy. Pray often :)

Lita said...

I haven't actually ridden in the rain, though I have ridden on a wet bike...poor thing had to sit out in the rain while I was at work a couple of times. I like riding at night, though. The temperature is awesome and warm summer breezes blowing and night sounds and everything so quiet and different. :) I love it.

Have yall gone and come back from Scotland yet? Or are you there now, I guess?

Lita said...

Awesome. You must be so excited. :) I can't wait to see the pics.