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29 August 2006

I could think of it as cleaning the blinds AND the floor...

Time to update-- not that I have a lot to update about.

This past Sunday was our last day teaching the second grade. I made them cookies, which several of them turned down-- more for everyone else, I say. :) They were a fun bunch to teach, and as much as I like the idea of not having to come up with something to keep their attention for an hour every week, I'll miss teaching them.

I cleaned our blinds on Saturday, which made me wish we had a yard and a hose. The reason for that is, I rinsed them off in the shower. It took the combined efforts of six bath towels to clean up all the water off the floor, but we have clean blinds now on all our windows, so I suppose it was worth it.

My bike tyre is flat; I've been getting a lift to work the past few days. While decreasing my chances of getting killed on my way to work, this arrangement also decreases the excitement and adventure in my life.

We leave for Scotland in just over a week, and I'm pretty sure everyone will be happy to be free of me for a couple of weeks. Everyone at work now (forcibly) knows almost as much about Scotland as I do. It will be a quiet place with me gone...


Da Katz & Reni said...

Safe journey to Scotland...beautiful country.


Thanks for stopping by!! They play Abba alot in England, by the way.

sparquay said...

have fun on your trip. Say hello to the people I know. I haven't been back in over four years now.... sad.

Lita said...

Tyre...is that the Scottish spelling?

Have lots and lots of fun among the Scots. That really wasn't supposed to rhyme. If you're coworkers get tired of hearing about it, you can come tell me. I expect a full report when you get back, at least. :)

sparquay said...

Tell Mark and Joe they're "Wee Diddy Bampots". They go to another church in East Kilbride now (not sure you knew that), so hopefully you'll swing by to see them. Well, I'd tell you more, but I wish I could go and tell 'em myself. =(
How long is your stay going to be?