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09 December 2006

I'm sitting in the cold, watching innumerable teens fight over a ball...

Last night... prepare to be shocked, amazed, and otherwise gobsmacked... I went to an American football game. In fact, I went to my second game in as many months. Don't worry, no aliens have overtaken my brain, I'm not having an identity crisis, and I certainly have not developed a liking for the game. But some good friends of ours have a daughter who plays in the band, so I have gone along with them to see her perform. And while we were there, the football team played, too. Imagine that. Now what I know about American football would probably fit into your average-sized thimble, so to me, I was watching a bunch of teenagers stage an organised fight. Having said that, it was a very close game (Frenship won 20-17), so it was pretty exciting.

What else, what else? That's about it, really. Tonight there's a parade, tomorrow I'm going to watch a musical put on by a church in town-- for me, this is a super-busy weekend. Plus I have a baby blanket that I still need to finish. So I should probably run along.

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Lita said...

The band has always been my favorite part.