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20 January 2007

It's snowing!

So the city of Lubbock is virtually shut down, paralyzed by the 12+ inches of snow that have fallen in the last 24 hours, expecting more to come. Freezing or starving are beginning to look like possibilities for many families across the city...

If you believed any of that, come closer so I can bop you on the head. We started hearing about our impending doom by snow earlier this week-- on Wednesday at work I heard everything from 4 inches expected, to 15. Now at 4 PM on Saturday, we've received about an inch. And yet, all the movie theatres are shut down, sporting events have been called off, and Chad had the day unexpectedly off work because the restaurant closed early this morning. Not to mention that a few dozen churches have cancelled services for tomorrow morning.

Perhaps the funniest bit of all this is that yesterday morning, the Lubbock school district cancelled school. Now on Friday morning, NOTHING had happened yet. No snow, no ice, no freezing rain. Now some sleet did start up-- after the time when school would have started, anyway. Yet they cancelled school based on an unfavourable weather report. I just would like to say: would that I had grown up here.

But alas, I did not. Instead I grew up in Indiana, where on a day like today, everyone goes on with life. No cancellations, no days off work, no wringing one's hands in woe, and especially-- and this is important-- no packing the shops the day before the expected arrival of the storm, stocking up as if for a seige. We had to go shopping on Thursday evening, we had no choice, because we had no food in the house. It was so packed, people were waiting 30 minutes or more at the checkout. Fortunately, we only had a few things, because we just wanted supper, so we only had a 15 minute or so wait in the express lane.

So, enough of that! My finger is healed up just fine from last Sunday's sewing experience, with the exception of some soreness. I was hesitant to have the doctor look at it on Monday, knowing that a fair amount of teasing from my coworkers was to be expected. On the other hand, I had so much fun telling the story over and over again, it was worth it to be made fun of a bit.

So I have a (mostly) free day, and here I am spending it in front of my computer instead of doing all the other stuff that actually needs to be done. Not exactly something new for me.

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