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31 January 2007

Birds in the park

So I finally remembered to take the camera with me on a walk in the park! And actually, yesterday was the first day in a long time that I've been able to go to the park at lunch; I've been far too busy the last couple of months. But the major result is, I finally have pictures of the geese that decided I looked tasty.

So the geese you want to keep an eye on here are the white ones. I gave a wide berth to the entire group of geese here, not wanting to scare any of them (since we scared the geese on Saturday-- hate to make a habit of that) away from their, um, standing around. They were getting a serious amount of standing around done yesterday. So much, in fact, they were probably able to take today off from standing around and perhaps swim around a bit. Anyway, the white geese started out next to the shore, but as you can see, by the time I took this photo, they had advanced toward me quite a bit. The brown geese were more or less scattering at their approach.

So I did what any sensible human who has been chased by geese before would do: I retreated. I moved further away to a group of trees, thinking it would be a safe vantage point for taking pics of geese. Guess what: they followed me. I don't know for sure which one it was that had a death-grip on my trousers that fateful day, but apparently he told the others about the one that got away. And now they all want a go.

Although if I were to guess at which one likes me a bit too much, I would go with this fellow in front. My polite retreat didn't faze him in the slightest, as he only sped up to catch up with me. And I know already that he is capable of doing so. So after this shot I went on my merry way around the park, leaving the geese to get back to standing around. I peeked back a few times to see if they were still following me, and they did follow as far as the tree where I had been standing, and that's where they turned back. All I can suppose is that a) they want to scare me into bringing a snack with me when I step into their territory, kind of like a peace offering, or b) when they were goslings, their mothers warned them that humans eat geese, and they decided to get their revenge one day. And apparently I look like a potential target-- that's the problem with being short. To be quite honest, I am leaning more and more toward option (a), so if that is their objective, they are on the right track.


Lita said...

So I wonder if this standing around would look good on a resume? Maybe I should give it a try, except without the standing. (We do plenty of that in my painting class.)

Su said...

I've wondered that, too.