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02 February 2007

Look at this...

Another day of snow and freezing temps, which is all well and good, and to be expected, in February. However, I must admit I am beginning to long for March and April! When I got home, this is what I found:

An icicle doing an impression of a stalagmite!

And another one!
That's right, two icicles fell from the roof, landed upright on the stairs, one above the other, and stayed that way. This is certainly one of the more unusual sights I've seen in Lubbock. There was quite a bit of snow on the stairs earlier; I would suppose that the icicles stuck in the snow, which then melted when the sun shone on it, then re-froze since the temperature was actually never above freezing today! Leaving behind two well-placed, and odd-looking, icicles. My neighbours must have thought me mad when I came rushing out of the house, camera in hand, to take pictures of stairs. The photo above is also my photo of the day over at Lubbock Daily Photo; not a lot to see there as yet, but stay tuned!

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