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10 February 2007

I had to replace it with something

I've developed a new addiction.

Not for drugs, alcohol, exercise, or even an exotic food I found at Market Street (that last one is Chad's department, anyway). To begin, I must go back a bit: Faithful readers, or those lucky enough to be around me on a regular basis, may remember my love for The West Wing. Jed, Leo, Josh, Sam, Donna, Toby, and especially C.J.-- they were all my pals for a couple of years. (So much so that my boss, who along with his wife, shares my love for TWW, started calling me C.J. for a while. No nickname could possibly have been more ill-suited than that one.) So I was distraught that fateful day last May when my pals left the air forever, and I have not found a show to replace it.

Until now! Shortly before we moved last November, I started watching CSI: Miami, because the good people over at A&E were doing for CSI: M (doesn't abbreviate quite as well) what the nice folks at Bravo did for TWW for so long-- played it constantly so that newbies to the show could catch up. Then we moved and lost our free cable, and I've only recently been moved to try to find my new fix. And now I'm hooked. It's quite a jump, really; I liked TWW because it was a witty, intelligent, well-written show with likeable cast. CSI: M has all those things apart from wit, intelligence, and good writing. Yeah, so I'm drawn to a likeable cast. Why else would I like Scrubs, M*A*S*H, Stargate, or Friends?

With this in mind, I wandered over to Television without Pity last night, a snarky website that recaps some of TV's most popular shows, celebrating the triumphs and lampooning the failures. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the nice people at TWoP, CSI: M is one of the failures, so it only has one season of recaps, but they are some funny ones. If you would like to see if your favourite show is currently being made fun of, click here.

So that is the sum total of my thoughts for today. If you still haven't been to Chad's site, trot on over; the link is in the sidebar.

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Chadwick said...

Yeah, so I updated "A Face in the Crowd" once.

Love you.