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21 February 2007

New People

A few nights ago I went a bit mental on blogspot (and a few other places, too, as it turns out) and ended up "visiting" people I haven't seen in real life since... well, it's been well over a year for all of them... and some are more like five years. So, I collected a bunch of URLs and plugged them into my link list in the sidebar. This is mainly so that I remember to visit them, since the traffic on here is so minimal as to justify taking out the stoplight and replacing it with a stop sign. In one direction only. Anyway, by means of disclaimer (since I was very rude and didn't bother asking): if I added someone who does not want to be on my link list, let me know and I will remove you.

So then I get to the "can't escape myself" part: What order do I put everyone in? The order I found their blogs? The order I met them? (If I did that, my husband may be last.) How well I like them? Age? Gender? Distance from me? Okay, that is exaggerating a bit, but I did actually spend about five minutes of my life thinking about this. And that's five minutes I'll never get back. (TWW reference, in case anyone missed it.) And so Blogger led me to a very simple conclusion: Alphabetical! How silly of me not to think of it! With one (okay, four) small exception: The people who have always been at the top are still at the top. I can't relegate my most loyal readers to anywhere else in the list.

Another five minutes that I'll never get back...

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