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27 February 2007

Odds and ends

I wanted to post an update on our adoption process, probably the last one for a while, because we've entered a rather slow phase! Our paperwork is almost ready to be turned in, in fact we hope to have it done this week. After that it is a matter of getting other things done as we have room in our budget, so we do not expect to be ready for our homestudy phase until May at the earliest. From all accounts, the homestudy phase is what takes the longest. I have pretty much abandoned all hope of having children by the end of the summer, although we are still thinking end of the year. For now, we're praying for that.

We've also had a rash of bad news from various sources lately, so we're hoping for better news today. About anything.

And finally, I have pictures posted here of some quilts that I am so very proud of. My entire photo blog is here.


Lita said...

I think I missed early references to you adopting, but that is very cool! Hopefully, it will go fast and smooth.

As for good news...um...the warm weather is finally coming! I don't know if it's the same there as here, but we've had a few weeks now of varying warm weather, and you know how you don't always "miss" something until you've been deprived for a long time and now it's back? That's how I feel. It is wonderful.

Su said...

I hear ya. We are getting warmer weather, too.. along with the dust storms, yuck. Thanks for the good wishes!