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15 February 2007

Oh, dear, a new link to my blog...

Charlie very kindly linked to my blog from his own (far superior) blog, so now I feel obliged to say something intelligent. Yikes... taking the stage... all eyes on me... what shall I say???

Well, maybe I'll start with a confession of sorts. I stepped out of Bible bowl a few weeks ago. Why? I did some soul-searching and realised that I was doing it because I wanted to win. And I could, no problem. God has blessed me with an excellent memory and a gift for retaining what I read, so all I had to do to come home with another ribbon was read a couple of chapters every day for the next three months. Nae bother. I had grand visions of standing on the stage, holding my blue ribbon, while my friends took pictures (which would be displayed during the announcements at church the next day, naturally!). I rationalised such ideas by thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if I could recite the whole of Acts from memory?" Again, God has given me the ability to do so. And as a final (un)convincing argument, I even reasoned, "This is the last year I can do it-- next year we'll have children and I won't be able to go." Also true.

In the end, all justification aside, I came to the conclusion that winning a blue ribbon was not an acceptable reason for Bible study. Maybe it is for children (although I am not too excited about that, either), but for a woman who has been in Christ for 12 years, it is awful. I enjoy Bible study, I enjoy reading the Bible just for the sake of reading it, I enjoy discussing it with other people. I don't need a ribbon for that.

So, I've stepped out of Bible bowl, thus saving loyal readers endless posts about this sketch or that trip, and surely someone out there is grateful for that. :)

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