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03 February 2007

Super Bowl!

This is going to be another one of those times when everyone thinks I've gone mad. Now I like the Super Bowl, right, but most years I like it because it brings the American football season to a close. I do not like American football-- it bores me to tears. Please don't bother telling me how it is actually more interesting than any sport I like. I've tried it-- it does not appeal. Having said that, I have been a fringe Colts fan my whole life. By which I mean, I check the score the day after they play, and read the occasional article. So I was delighed two Mondays ago to see in the paper that the Colts will be playing in the Super Bowl! More reason to like it, I say!

In celebration of said occasion, I will be decking myself out for the party with our Bible study group. I have blue and white ribbons for my hair, I'm hoping to find some blue face paint cheaply somewhere tomorrow, and if I truly go off the deep end, I may buy some cheap Kool-Ade and dye my hair blue with it. If anyone reading would care to loan me some blue nail polish, I would appreciate it. This will be the first-- and, unless I am taken over by the pod people sometime in the next year, last-- time that I put this much effort into a football game.

And after all those preparations, I will probably spend the game doing hair wraps on little girls, or otherwise playing with the kids. Did you read my first paragraph? American football is boring!


sparquay said...

So, you didn't try the Blue Kool-Aid, did you? That can turn out to be quite disastrous when it rains. You end up with a blue forehead as well.

I was actually going for the Bears, but alas, they did not win. Oh, well.

Su said...

I decided that face paint and hair dye were a waste of money, alas. But I was delighted with the game's outcome, nevertheless.