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18 February 2007

Warning! Ranting ahead!

So I was driving home just a few minutes ago, and I thought to myself, "Why was this ever hard?" Driving a standard is as natural as an automatic now. Thank goodness.

This Tuesday is our last pre-adoption training class (Halelujah!). I know the classes are important, we are getting valuable information, etc., but I'm really glad we won't have to go any longer. It will be very nice to have our Tuesday evenings back. Lest anyone think we are close to getting children, let me correct you by saying we still have paperwork, fingerprinting, home visits, and probably some stuff I haven't yet thought of to get through. We still have quite a way to go.

And now for my main topic: I drove home yesterday after taking Chad to work, and I was distressed to see people flocking into every high-fat, high-carb, high-calorie, low-nutrient restaurant in sight. The obesity epidemic is well-publicised, well-hyped, and well-known throughout America, and the dangers that come with obesity are very real, and yet so many people aren't even trying. Why must people who are already overweight insist upon driving to a nasty fast-food restaurant, circling the car park for the closest spot, and waddling in to load up on more junk? I'm not opposed to enjoying one's food, nor to eating out on occasion, but there are people who don't even bother to take charge of their own health. Or perhaps I have it wrong. Maybe this is their way of taking charge; the "I'll do what I want with my own life" attitude that has no regard for the fact that you won't have a life with which to do anything if you keep this up. Or regard for those who care about you. Or for the Medicare system, that someday will be obliged to pay your medical bills, should you manage to be with us that long.

Okay, so that was a nice little rant, but I had to get it out of my system. In other news, I was back on my bicycle yesterday for the first time in a few months. I now have flat-proof tires on both wheels, which means I can ride anywhere without worrying about picking up thorns, broken glass, or whatnot, but it also adds to the drag and means I have to work harder. We took a short trip to the library, about three miles total, and that was enough work in itself for one day. It is almost hard to believe that last summer I was riding four miles one way, but I was more in condition then. So that's what I need to get back to, I suppose. The wind was also unfriendly to us yesterday, but then that is part of life here.

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