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16 February 2007

It's Super!

Lots of things on my mind this week.. so there is no telling where this post may lead.

For our Valentine's evening, we watched a movie; Superman Returns. I have never been much of a Super fan, to be quite honest; I remember snippets of the Super movies, and was a faithful devotee of Lois and Clark, but in terms of the Super comics or the Super story, I am pretty much in the dark. Even being a recent Smallville fan hasn't helped much, because that show 1) relies on the Super viewers to know the story already, and 2) has the Super artistic license to go its own way. So, all that said, I enjoyed Superman Returns. My particular item of fancy with this movie was the 1940s-esqness in terms of scenery, costumes, and so on, tied with modern-day gadgets and whatnot. This may/may not be an established part of the Super genre (and how would I know?), but I was quite taken with it.

By way of a quick foray into my television-watching habits, I might mention that while watching CSI one day last week, I kept thinking of apt quotes from The West Wing. Nothing like bringing past and current obsessions together, I always say. In fact, I find that most situations in my life can be covered by a TWW quote. Although the only one I can currently think of in regards to blogging is this:
Josh: These people (on an internet message board) are crazy, Donna.
Donna: I told they were hysterical, Josh.
Josh: I thought you meant they were really funny.
Donna: (exasperated look)
That may not be 100% accurate, but it is as close as I can get without bothering to look it up.

We went to Market Street (supermarket) this evening because I needed to eat and we are sadly lacking in supper-type food at the moment. Anyone who likes oatmeal, come on over. We have plenty of that. Anyway, since we live three blocks from the supermarket, we usually walk or cycle over, and therefore tend to get smaller amounts of food than people who come in their cars. And naturally, we are there a lot more often. I have been thinking lately that it is remarkably convenient to be known, by name, by most of their staff: "Good morning, Su, how's Chad? We saved you some oatmeal on aisle 12." Actually it is more like, "Oh, hello, Chad. Is this your wife?" since he is there more than I am. Chad can make an entire meal out of whatever food is being handed out in samples on any given day. Market Street must be losing money on us, because while we always try the samples, we rarely buy the product thus being promoted.

To quote Terry Prachett, my mind wanders so often it comes back with souveniers, and the final thought I was going to share is now gone, alas. Perhaps it will come home soon.

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