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23 February 2007


I worry about my dreams sometimes. Actually, it would probably be more accurate to say I worry about the brain that produces such dreams. I dream very vividly, I usually remember my dreams the next day (and some, years later), and there are times when I have a hard time separating what I dreamed from reality.

So last night my dream was nothing spectacular. A friend from church came over to help us pack to go to Scotland (just for a visit, I think). It ended up she and I talking while Chad did all the packing (which, by the way, is probably what would happen in real life as well). This is a friend I dream about frequently, and I particularly enjoy telling her about such dreams because she does freak out just a bit that I'm dreaming about her. All my assurances that I dream about everyone I know have fallen on paranoid ears, so far. And it didn't help the time I added, "I dream about your husband and kids, too!" So, why not have some fun where I can get it, I say. The only odd thing about the dream was that after Chad got us all packed up, she drove us to the train station. Presumably, the train we got on was taking us to an airport, because there is no train that will go to Scotland from here.

What else this week... a few nights ago I dreamed that someone came into our house during the night, and I'm surprised I didn't wake Chad up in real life trying to wake him up in my dream. I woke myself up, though, because my hand was really tapping his, trying to wake him up. Another night I went to a concert with my brother and sister to hear a band from Glasgow, who for some reason was playing in Lubbock. (No explanation for that, or for what brought my siblings to Lubbock, either.) I dreamed about turning in my peer reviews, and then woke up thinking I had done it already. And the best one this week: a bakery chain from the U.K. (Gregg's, for those who are wondering) opened a store in Lubbock. I was really depressed when I woke up from that one.

In the midst of my pondering today I also remembered some other dreams that are permanently filed away: getting lost in Glasgow, crashing into a friend's car, one of my friends being kidnapped, having a huge argument with some dear friends, an accident (not my own) while mountain climbing, forgetting a speech, working in the White House (TWW-induced), being shot at by my aim assistant (not sure what brought that on), running for my life while carrying an injured friend (that one was LOTR-induced), being chased through Glasgow by an angry coordinator (I have to say that is one of my favourites-- his, too, I think), and last but not least, most of my family has died at least once. The last ones may be a relief to wake up from, but all is not pleasant in the waking, because if I cry in a dream, then I'm crying in my sleep, too, so I'll wake up with a swollen face.

Who knows what I will dream about tonight? Maybe it will be you. Heh heh heh...


Lita said...

My sister Deb always has really funny, fun-to-tell dreams. Is it odd that I remember some of her dreams from years back? :)

Mainly, just one where we abruptly had to move and she had to leave her horn (she was in the band) and my dad said, "When I was a kid, we had to move like Minutemen." This has always cracked me up, since Minutemen weren't moving permanently, just always on-call--but I guess it still makes sense. Still funny to me, though.

Su said...

No, that is really funny. Especially so because, wouldn't the minutemen take their horns?

Lita said...

You'd think. :)