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20 February 2007

Still Pancake Day...

Yes, two posts in one day, can you believe it?

I'm posting again not because I have nothing else to do (stack right here on the desk next to me and in the other room-- you guessed it-- another stack!), but because as Lent begins I like to take some time to reflect and where better to do that than right here on the internet where anyone can read it, right?

Firstly, lest anyone freak out, let me state that I have celebrated Lent for most of my life. Okay, really just over half, but 51% is all that is required to be elected president, so I'm calling it most. All through Junior High, all through High School, during my aim years-- you get the picture. People who know me really, really well don't know this about me; well, the secret is out now, isn't it? The reactions I have received to this little bit of my life throughout the years have ranged from a mildly interested, "Why?" to a panic-stricken, oh-Su-has-fallen-away, "WHY?!?!?!" I'm not going in to all my reasons now; if you really want to know, ask and I'll tell you.

So, Lent! I posted a couple of things a few months ago that are coming with me into the next six weeks: Firstly, that the internet is sucking hours from my life; secondly, my thoughts on the song So This is Christmas. We'll go with the second one first-- I looked back at the old year and saw some things that needed to change. (And without blasting my own trumpet too much, I am pleased to say that some things have changed in the last couple of months.) And as for the first one-- internet, TV, and other mindless media have united to keep me from the important things.

So, for the season of Lent, I will abstain from the television. And limit my time on the internet to one hour every day. And how will I fill all this newfound spare time? People. Bible. Prayer. Encouraging others, filling up, communing with the Saviour.

This is not everything I've been thinking about, but it is a start. And all that I am willing to share on the internet.

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