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21 February 2007

Ash Wednesday

Again, I do have other things I should be doing, but I can't seem to tear myself away from blogger...

Actually I wanted to share how my Ash Wednesday went. First day of Lent and already I'm missing the television (I even checked my calendar this morning to make sure Lent is, indeed, six weeks long). I unplugged it earlier, to cut down on ease of turning it on in moments of frustration/temptation/both. So now I can't just push a button; I have to crawl around the back, fish out the cord, plug it into the power strip-- and in the time it takes to do all that, I can probably find something else to do. I have also gone over my internet time limit, but since I just finished working on a project for work, I do have a bit of an excuse there.

Also, for the second hit Ash Wednesday in row, we had a catered luncheon today, which I abstained from due to that whole fasting thing. I wasn't the only one, either; Catholics all over the building were heard to bemoan the silliness of someone bringing us lunch on Ash Wednesday. It was a rough day for all of us. :) That's not really true, of course. I don't know what everyone else did, but I have found that avoiding the kitchen is a good way to avoid any food that may be hiding there. So my fast day wasn't so hard after all. Last year I set out to fast on Wednesdays throughout Lent, and made it about halfway before giving in. This year I am giving myself some help by having meal replacement shakes on those days; not true fasting, of course, but better than caving halfway through. Plus since I do have blood sugar issues (or something) this keeps me from passing out at three o'clock. I have no real objections to passing out at work, after all it does liven up the day for everyone else, but I do have a problem with someone hooking me up to an IV of something afterwards. And I am kind of afraid that might happen.


Tammy said...

Su, thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you found it for whatever reason. My son and daughter-in-law used to live in Lubbock in 2004-2005, they were in the Adventures in Missions there associated with the Church of Christ (loosely). Anyway, welcome, and I will be praying for you everytime I run into someone that God puts in my place to help. My daughters' blog is listed on mine (Theresa) if you are interested. (This is my first time to try Lent, but I love the idea!)

Tammy said...

Ok, I had to comment again because I was looking down your list of other blogs and came across Belinda's....The Mexico City Project is the one my son and daughter-in-law were involved with for 18 months with Billy and Belinda thru AIM! Too cool that you have that link too!