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22 February 2007

At least I got THAT over with!

I walked to work this morning, just because I could. :) Seriously I wanted to ride my bike, but what with conflicting weather reports about expected wind I decided not to take anything with me that couldn't easily be brought back home again if the wind were to pick up. And as my husband never tires of reminding me, my balance is bad enough in pristine conditions. Adding high winds to the mix is a recipe for disaster.

I stayed home the last couple of nights to do "peer reviews" for work, and it was miserable. Fortunately, they are done, turned in, and off my plate. Now I just have to wait for my own performance review to see if my coworkers all wrote variations on, "Su is kind of funny but she's a jerk." We were asked to be frank with our reviews, but I couldn't bring myself to write much that was negative about anyone else. The main reason is, I work with an amazing group of people. There is no one in that office that is not absolutely fantastic at what he/she does. So it is hard to come up with areas for improvement. Reason number two: even if said coworker does get on my last nerve, that does not affect his/her job performance. Or mine.

Anyway. I have Bible bowl questions to write, CPS paperwork to fill out, a quilt to, well, quilt, a blanket to finish crocheting (preferably before the baby is six months old!), two more crochet projects to start, a couple of cross-stitch projects that likewise need starting... Oh, dear. If only everyone I know (including us, I suppose) wouldn't insist upon having children at once.

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