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24 February 2007

There's a light switch in my hallway; or, Compelling reasons not to move

So, after blogging about my dreams yesterday, I had a dream about the same couple yesterday night. Hee. Tomorrow is going to be an amusing day.

There is a light switch in my hallway, right outside the bathroom door. It operates my hall light. You might think this is neither surprising nor a problem. Well, you would be wrong.

Every house that I lived in while in Glasgow had the bathroom light switch in the hallway. That is the way things work there-- you turn the light on before entering the room. Surprisingly enough, turning the light off on someone just isn't the amusing prank you might think it would be. It doesn't happen a lot (and remember, I lived with a six-year-old and a teenager for a while).

So, naturally, when entering our bathroom, I flick the light switch to turn the light on. And even after living in this apartment for four months, I am still surprised every time that the bathroom light fails to turn on. This usually leads to some under-the-breath muttering: "Grrr... stupid American bathroom... what a dumb place for a light switch..." etc.

So please, come visit me. But use the loo at your own risk.

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