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07 July 2007

Little bit of everything

A few weeks ago, I had this conversation with the 9-year-old daugher of some friends:

I: (putting on mini-messenger bag)
Aspen: Why do you take that everywhere?
I: (stared at her feeling confused, and hoping she would clarify)
Aspen: Is it your purse?
I: Yes! (happy that she clarified and all is now clear)
Aspen: It doesn't look like a purse.
I: Thank you.
Aspen: (now is the one confused)

It's not her fault, all the other women in her life are extremely girly, and here she is faced with a grown-up who is not only not girly, but also not like anyone else she knows. Poor girl.

So I got a new seat for my bike, one with a blinking light in back so drivers can see me from both directions. (I already had a headlight). But first, let's have a moment of silence for the old seat.

The padded cover was a couple of years old and, as you can plainly see, well-worn. So that was pretty much my clue that it was time for a new one.


In other news, we ran six miles this morning. It's now been about 4 hours, and my body is still angry with me. I hope I recover in time to go running Monday morning.

Last night I went to Hastings to pick up a DVD to watch while Chad was at work. I forgot my bike chain, though, so I had to leave the bike sitting outside, available to anyone who might be passing by and needed a new bike. So I stuck it in an out-of-the-way corner in between shops, directly in front of a door that looked like it only opened from the inside. Then I spent the whole time in the shop worrying that I would come out and find that not only had my bike not been stolen, but that I had been ticketed for blocking a fire exit.

Anyway, so I was looking in the TV section, because having the attention span of your average teenager, I prefer four episodes of one of my favourite shows to one long movie. Curiously enough, Hastings has seasons 1 and 3 of The West Wing. That's it. They seem to apply this same odd logic in DVD purchases to just about every other show as well. I do not understand.

So I was poking around, trying to decide between TWW, Smallville, CSI, Doctor Who, and Scrubs, when I saw one DVD with no companions, quietly sitting in alphabetical order: The Muppet Show.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.


Kar said...

I'm glad your bike wasn't stolen.

Around jr high and high school, I was proud to watch the progressing length of the books I read, but around high school is when that stopped. I stopped right around ...medium book thickness? And I never got out of the young adult section. I do read occasional "adult" books (pretty much in the scifi/fantasy section, cos that's my favorite genre), but I don't know. I never made it out of adolescence, I guess.

Actually, if you can stand a little self-vindicating opinionated-ness, the truth is adult scifi/fantasy tends to require wading through a bunch of books that seem to be written only for the adventure/cool fantasy idea/whatever.

I could be wrong, but I really feel that the reason I love young adult, coming of age books is that they have the cool effects (which I love) but at bottom, they are about life, about a person and the process of being human. They're not just "oh that was a cool adventure." That's not enough for me. And that's why I never grew up.

The end.

Seriously--I'm sorry if that was too long for you.

Su said...

No, it was great. I used to be proud of my advanced reading level, too, but I also never grew up in the literary sense. Although I have taken the occasional venture into deeper waters.

Kar said...

Incidentally, the two purses I own are both mini-backpacks; the pretty one is bright cherry red. I hate not having my hands free.

Su said...

Ooh, I love my little messenger bag. We found it in Edinburgh, and it was exactly what I had been looking for. In a pinch, it can carry my glasses, a pair of scrubs (rolled up) and a sandwich.