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09 July 2007

Monday, Monday

I'm working on a baby blanket that will NEVER be finished, and I'm a bit disgruntled because I'm not watching the Tour.

So let's talk about something else. For everyone who didn't like Pirates 3, well, that's sad for you. I did not find it to be a disappointment; I did quite enjoy it. And like Pirates 2, I didn't notice how much time had gone by because I was drawn into the story. I'd heard the battle sequences were too long, but I thought it was perfect. So there you go. Also I'd heard that it wasn't worth staying for the post-credits scene (from a friend our age), as well as hearing that I MUST stay for the post-credits scene (from two teenage girls). We stayed, just because we would have driven ourselves mental wondering what happened had we not done. And all I have to say is: Meh. And also, that must have been a pretty good day.

So here's hoping the rain will stop before tomorrow morning, because I'm really sad when I don't get to cycle to work.


Kar said...

I haven't seen it yet, which is sad for me, but I plan to. Ah, the post-credits tradition--a friend of mine told me just to..."bring a peanut"? Or something like that. Maybe this ties in? Don't know--guess I won't till I watch it. Personally, the monkey scene after the credits on the first is kinda cute, but to me, pretty much "meh" as well. "Yeah; okay. Moving on."

I know I have not written; been absorbed in other things, I guess. I will try to soon. But I've written on your blog. Isn't that enough? ;)

I need to buy a bike; all this beautiful weather passing me and not getting to cycle... ;(

Su said...

Well, as long as I know you are still alive.

Yes, you should certainly bring your own peanut.

There's a scene after the credits on the first movie?

Kar said...

lol; yes, there is. :)

And yes, I am. Things are just kind of busy right now. I do hope someday to right again. ;( In the meantime, I visit your blog. :)